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 At the beginning of 2017, Escaping to the Philippines was born, this channel began on youtube and really didn't consist of anything more than me showing my buddies some of my videos from abroad.


Since it's conception my subscriber list grew, and people from around the world were looking for more informative videos and asking me many questions on a variety of different topics. 


 I tried starting a facebook page to help out but eventually, that was too much to manage so in 2018, I decided to start this blog website geared towards helping others who are interested in visiting or moving to the Philippines.



 About Me: At 40 plus, I decided to move to the Philippine Islands full time to enjoy some life, work, and play. I chose to make Vlogs on youtube about dating Filipina's, along with rating top beaches in the Philippines, affordable hotels in Cebu, and famous Filipino street foods to try while visiting the Philippines.


 Living in Central Visayas, Cebu Philippines, I have learned many interesting things that I would like to pass along to help other foreigners who are looking to venture here and offer resourceful links to help you move throughout your travels while visiting the Philippines.


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    At the beginning of 2017, Escaping to the Philippines was born, this channel began on youtube 


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